Yeah, but is it art?

Today, I’ve decided to bring to your collective attention some news stories concerning ‘art’ around the world. I do, of course, recognize that art truly is subjective, and that one man’s collection of velvet Elvises (Elvi?)  is another’s Monet, so I’m going to make an effort to keep the color commentary to a minimum. Just know that if no further posts follow this one, it’s likely that I suffered a fatal case of cranial fulmination (that’s a fancy way of saying “mah head asplode”).

First, an American artist in Sweden crafted an enormous inflatable plastic piece of canine… excrement. Which promptly flew away, downing a power line and damaging at least one structure when God decided to simultaneously prove his existence, taste in art and sense of humor, all in one deft stroke. I don’t know if a giant piece of inflatable American-made dog shit is art, but I’m fairly certain that when it wreaks even a little havoc in a foreign country it qualifies as social commentary at the least.

Here we have a Russian monument to… enemas? Granted, it’s in front of a clinic where, admittedly, they administer enemas like they’re expecting cash to come out of there (which, figuratively, I suppose it does), but still… Would you put a sculpture of a straightjacket in the atrium of a mental institution, a Volvo-sized vulva on the lawn of a fertility clinic? Actually, that would probably cut down on wrong addresses…

Before I continue, can we all agree that, no matter how talented or artistic you may be, rendering something that’s designed (by humans or nature) to go into or come out of someone’s anus isn’t typically considered ‘preferred subject matter?’

This next one is fine on its own, but it really just comes down to the inescapable immaturity of human nature. Someone’s made an 8 meter tall ‘robot‘ that gets placed in public areas with a cell phone inside that allows it to read text messages aloud. Now, I’m sure some people have used it to say some beautifully poignant things under the cloak of anonymity, so I sincerely hope the creators gave it some sort of profanity filter, although I suspect that would defeat their purpose. I only bring it up because I picture it making some brilliant statement about the current state of world affairs, or pleading the case for charitable donations to the needy, only to follow it up with a booming declaration of just how much it loves the cock.

But it has absolutely nothing to do with this.

...which has absolutely nothing to do with this.

Finally (and fittingly), an Australian museum cites social commentary as the reason for featuring an exhibit from an Italian artist consisting entirely of a taxidermied horse carcass hanging from the ceiling. The artist makes a decent case for the reasoning behind it, but I could use the same kind of logic to park a junked car in all the world’s no parking zones or to go around to every McDonald’s in the world and vomit loudly on the floor, or… Wait a couple of days, then turn on CNN. Trust me, I have an idea…


~ by tazehim on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “Yeah, but is it art?”

  1. Disclaimer:I don’t have any claim to the painting, which I’ve affectionately dubbed “Palincakes!,” nor do I post it here for criticism or political commentary. It’s just a well executed painting of a woman who ran for office with breakfast on her noggin.

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