I have some ideas that have been fermenting for a while, including one that was something of a collective creation at a party last weekend, and more than a few drafts of future posts that are shambling around in their pens, malformed and hungry for the light of day. I’d planned on unleashing one of them this week, but the stars are apparently aligned incorrectly. It’s been… an interesting several days, but not the sort of interesting that makes for good stories; in fact, quite the opposite.

In the ‘outside world,’ optimism for the economy seems to be in short supply, riots are ongoing (with death on display on Youtube), North Korea seems hell-bent on picking up more or less where we left off years ago even as our troops remain dispersed elsewhere, and, of significantly lesser importance (but greater face time on news outlets), American celebrities seem to be dropping like flies.

I’d prefer to say that I’m overwhelmed by global events, but the truth is that my recent lack of focus has been the result of simpler, more shallow distractions, and I’ve honestly just been preoccupied and highly scatter-brained this week. Any time I’ve attempted to start writing something, the point of diminishing returns has been surpassed almost immediately, leaving me staring blankly at a smattering of nigh-incomprehensible ramblings (yes, worse than usual) liberally strewn about a stark white background, the crisp black text standing as a monument to my dwindling coherence and motivation… aaand it’s starting again.

Before I lose the plot too much, I’ll wrap things up with this picture of a…

sweet muttering hell, what is that?

Damn you, internet! Damn you!!!

Not pictured: flamethrowers. WHY!?

In case you need to cleanse your mental palate after that: cuteoverload.

Go ahead, I’m not here to judge.

Also, good luck getting that image out of your head.


~ by tazehim on June 26, 2009.

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