Wherein I’ve apparently “wrassled” a Gorilla.

New “content,” as it were, has not been stricken from my agenda. “Gorilla Wrasslin’,” however, is right the hell off of there. It is my firm belief that anyone who says they’ll try anything once is sorely lacking in pessimistic imagination.

Within the ironclad constraints of my “No Awesome Sandwich” edict, I can’t particularly explain the recent lack of updates, so I’ll try to be brief when I blatantly ignore my only real rule.

  • The nature of my daytime employment has… altered. The mild-mannered, overly-polite workload of days gone by was gang-raped by mutant llamas while being exposed to an interstellar radiation storm after drinking an experimental serum in the Bermuda Triangle, which caused it to become a hulking, snarling abomination driven by the kind of rage that only scientifically-deviated genetics and llama rape can induce.
  • We’ve recently begun the recording process on our second independent studio album. After spending several days working out kinks, we’ve got a ‘demo’ track laid down to see how things will progress, and get a feel for what needs to be altered before we begin the actual sessions. The shows in October will be the last until we emerge from the other side, sunlight glinting off the freshly-minted albums in our hot little hands. Regular updates of band-related goings-on can be found here.

Suffice to say that when I’m not mainlining coffee at work (or beer in the studio), I’m curled up in a ball at home, being absolutely worthless.


~ by tazehim on September 24, 2009.

One Response to “Wherein I’ve apparently “wrassled” a Gorilla.”

  1. […] any of such. It may have something to do with my revised stance on participating in “gorilla wrasslin‘,” which was, as I’d predicted, a horrible idea. At any rate, my wounds have […]

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